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BEP! G2G (Gives to Givers)

As November sets in, we’re looking forward to spending quality time with our loved ones and partaking in many delicious meals. Over at BEP!, November is especially significant because it’s a time for us to pause and reflect on the countless blessings that we have received in our daily lives. We are especially thankful for all those individuals who work tirelessly to positively enhance our community, especially the non-profit organizations who give back so much with so little to work on.

As a token of our heartfelt thanks, BEP! would like to give back to such individuals and their organizations. We will be giving away a complimentary catered lunch AND a check for $1,000.00. 

There are 3 easy requirements:

  1. Non-profit organization; 

  2. Located within a 30 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia; and 

  3. A short written paragraph on why you think the organization could use a free meal and $.

Submissions may be emailed to with subject line "G2G Submission" or fill out the form below.

The last day to enter is Friday November 16, 2018 at 5:00pm EST.

Feel free to share and start tagging your favorite non-profits. #bepvietnamesecuisine #bepgives 

Submitted. Thank you for being wonderful!

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